Project Description


Libra Chemicals’ site is currently used for the storage and production of chemicals used in the cosmetics industry, and is in the process of delivering an ambitious expansion plan.

This project consisted of the construction of a new chemical production facility. There were significant site constraints; these included an adjacent production facility, and adjacent storage building which receives weekly deliveries, the new building being in the vicinity of the site boundary, the safety requirements for a live chemicals site and the presence of the main power cable and other services running directly through the site.

The main frame utilises stainless steel and were designed as wind-moment frames. The building contains 17 separate storage tanks, pressure vessels and production tanks; all connected with extensive pipework. An RC bund wall was designed as part of the main containment system in the event of a tank failure; this bund was integrated with the RC ground slab. This was all designed to comply with the requirements of CIRIA C736.

Specialist ground testing was commissioned to establish the strength of the sub-strata. The results of these tests, and our previous knowledge of the site, meant that RC pad foundations were used to support the main steelwork frame with an integrated RC slab acting as the ground floor and also providing stability from horizontal loading.

There were also a number of ancillary elements incorporated into the project including pipe support bridges over one of the internal circulation roads, additional hardstandings for storing safety equipment and re-routed drainage.

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