Underground Structures

Many Local Authorities have strict planning policies in respect to the construction of basements and other underground structures.

This often requires the preparation of a method statement or impact assessment report including a description of how the work will be carried out and what, if any, impact there might be on neighbouring properties. These can be involved and may need to include detailed calculations and drawings.


Our engineering team can carry out assessments that consider how site constraints may impact on masterplanning, site layouts and future development.

This can include evaluating design proposals and helping to procure relevant surveys such as topographical, geo-environmental and on site infrastructure surveys.

We also liaise with third party providers and statutory bodies such as the Environment Agency, water authorities, local planning authorities and other utility providers so that relevant engineering design information is considered during the masterplanning phase.

We design drainage and infrastructure schemes for external hard landscaping areas, roads and pavements that support the activities of buildings and the communities who use them.


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